Author: Charlotte Hacker
Designed by: Red Maylon
** This is not a picture book but rather a novel book. **
Elizabeth and Eric were a young couple in love. They could not have been happier when they discovered they would have a child. Unfortunately, their happiness did not last long when Elizabeth's mother, Lisa, learned about the pregnancy. Lisa set out to destroy their relationship by forcing her daughter to do the unthinkable. Eric's life suddenly changed forever as his world was ripped away. But Eric could not stay quiet; he came for revenge.
Once Elizabeth graduated from one of the top five universities in the world, she became what she had always dreamed of, a therapist. She wanted to spend her life helping others, but little did she know her patients would help her piece together her own life. She never revealed her secret about Eric, yet she never gave up trying to mend her past and the lives she had helped destroy.​​​​​​​
Everyone is out for revenge, but when Elizabeth's sister, Mary, comes to town, everything begins to unfold. When Lisa is found dead, no one suspects foul play until secrets of the past come out, and everyone points fingers.

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